About POM Unlimited

Who are we?

Providing Peace Of Mind

We educate and guide Business Owners on how to make their money work for them to achieve safe, dependable wealth accumulation and provide tax efficient retirement income.

Our Process

We lead our clients through the process of identifying and defining the what and why of their financial objectives. With clarity we can next address the how - implementing the best financial strategy designed specifically for their needs/objectives.

What We Don't Do

We are not a certified financial planners. We do not offer investment advice or tax advice or buy or sell recommendations for stocks, bonds or mutual funds other than to recommend that you evaluate your risk tolerance and consider diversification into safe funds.

We co-create customized financial strategies with you to plot a step by step course to achieve your financial goals without taking unnecessary risks.

Succession Planning

  • Protecting the human capital component.
  • Planning for ownership transition and the continuity of your business.
  • Providing for outstanding talent; recruiting, retaining and rewarding key people.
  • Developing an exit strategy.

Private Retirement Plans

  • Allows Participants to fund retirement with private equity, business interests, real estate, and other self- directed investments assets.
  • Plan funds, distributions and death benefits are fully exempt from both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy situations.
  • Funding is sourced from a Participant’s after-tax balance sheet without asset funding limitations.
  • Distributions and Benefits are tax-free.

Tax Mitigation

  • Save a minimum of $25,000 in annual taxes.
  • Learn about a New IRS Tax Law that Can Get You An Additional 20% Deduction.
  • Lower your AGI.

Whole Life Insurance

  • Never, ever, lose money or see your values go backwards - regardless of stock market fluctuations.
  • Plan for real life emergencies, long term care, college funding, legacy, charity, major purchase financing
  • Control and use of your own funds with no penalties or restrictions.
  • Control future cash flow.

Life Settlements

  • Are immune to factors that cause price instability in other asset classes.
  • The income engine in a Life Settlement is an insurance policy on a senior insured an investor owns at a significant discount.
  • Are unaffected by market volatility, credit markets, interest rates, Geo-political unrest and natural forces.
  • Using alternatives with other market securities can reduce overall portfolio volatility.

Tax - Free Retirement

  • Mitigate Tax Rate Risk.
  • Mitigate Longevity Risk.
  • Circumvent IRA Stretch Porvision.
  • Guaranteed Lifetime Income.
  • Achieve Zero Percent Tax Bracket.

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