Succession Planning

  • Protecting the human capital component.
  • Planning for ownership transition and the continuity of your business.
  • Providing for outstanding talent; recruiting, retaining and rewarding key people.
  • Developing an exit strategy.

Private Retirement Plans

  • Allows Participants to fund retirement with private equity, business interests, real estate, and other self- directed investments assets.
  • Plan funds, distributions and death benefits are fully exempt from both bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy situations.
  • Funding is sourced from a Participant’s after-tax balance sheet without asset funding limitations.
    Distributions and Benefits are tax-free.

Tax Mitigation

  • Slash Your Tax Bill as much as 50% 
  • Increase Your Cash flow
  • Fund Future Growth

Cash Value Life Insurance

  • Perfect transfer vehicle for tax and estate planning purposes
  • Solution for long term care, college funding, legacy, charity, major purchase financing issues
  • Control and use of your own funds with no penalties or restrictions.
  • Control future cash flow.

Alternate Asset Classes

  • Are immune to factors that cause price instability in other asset classes.
  • Are unaffected by market volatility, credit markets, interest rates, Geo-political unrest and natural forces.
  • Using alternatives with other market securities can reduce overall portfolio volatility.
  • Secure and Collateralized options with stable returns.

Self - Funded Health Plans

  • Overpaying for Employee Health Benefits? 
  • Save 30% – 50% in Annual Health Care Costs
  • Increase Long Term Enterprise Value